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Output code with popular frameworks like React, Vue, TailwindCSS, and more. Download for free. No credit card required.

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Frequently asked questions

    • What is GetProtoTyped?

      GetProtoTyped is a no-code tool that helps to generate MVP with AI. It generate popular frameworks of your choice like React, Vue, TailwindCSS, and more.

    • Who is the target user GetProtoTyped

      For no-code founders that wants to build SaaS with popular front-end frameworks. For front-end developers that wants to build MVP much faster. For software agencies that wants to pitch to clients' inquires with MVP.

    • Why not just use No-Code builder tools?

      Because No-Code builder tools are not flexible enough to build complex applications. You locked in their platform and can't export your code. GetProtoTyped generates code for you. Host it anywhere you want.

    • What it means in terms of the business?

      You are not tied to platform risk. You can pitch to investors that you use popular front-end frameworks. You can hire actual front-end developers to continue working on your project.

    • How is the pricing, and what is the cost structure?

      You are billed one-time fee. Note that you will need to use your own OpenAI API key, and every automation generation will be charged by OpenAI.

    • What are the benefit for pro vs free users?

      Free users only have access to automate one project and GPT-3. You will have access to unlimited projects, GPT-4, concurrent automation, and set rate limits.

    • Will you have access to my code?

      No. We don't have access to your code. We only have access to your project name, and your OpenAI API key.

    • Is my code belong to me alone and proprietary?

      Yes. Your code is yours alone. We don't have access to your code. GPT-generated response or code will be directly to the app. Any request to or from OpenAI doesn't go through our server. You can host it anywhere you want.

    • What data is stored in your database, and what goes through your server?

      We only store license, email, device that locked to your license. We don't have access to your OpenAI API key. App requested to our server only to verify your license and check for updates

FREE and PRO Versions Comparison

Unlimited Projects
Simultaneous multiple run
Set cost rate limit
Set changes rate limit
Pick GPT-3 or GPT-4
Auto pause when generation keep failing
Generate new files when necessary