A proven model for bringing ideas to life

Every great business started as an idea. The prototype builders are a team of experts that take you from idea to product launch. Our team has built products for the largest brands, celebrities and corporations in the world.

Our Clients

Our team of product experts have built products for everyone from the smallest startups and earliest stage ideas to the largest brands, celebrities and corporations in the world.  Imagine how much time, money and heartache they can save you when it comes to bringing your product idea to life. A few companies our founders have built products for:
Taylor Swift
Sony Pictures
Rock Band
Best Buy
Abu Dhabi

We help you execute the first and most important step in building a successful product

  • Creating a blue print and knowing what your product is and where it is headed is critical to success
  • Seeing the flow of your product in action to better understand the best way to optimize your feature set
  • Understanding the resources it will take to produce the first version of your product

Benefits of a Prototype

Get a clear understanding of what you're building before you build it. Coding and paying developers is expensive. Without a clear plan and direction for the developers, you will often waste time and money trying to figure out exactly what it is you want them to build... Or even worse, they will build a product that doesn't fit your vision. Trust us, we've been down that road before. It's not fun. A working prototype of your product provides clarity and direction for developers, investors and partners.
Create a clear vision for the user interface of the product. Most developers are developers. They like to focus on coding. They're not UI designers. You'll be making their lives, and yours, much easier if you give them the right designs and layouts with which t do their job.
Validate your idea before you invest too much time or money into it. Being able to touch and click a version of your product will give you tremendous insight as to whether you have a winner or need to refine your idea. Your prototype isn't just a tool for developers - it's a tool that helps you refine your own idea and challenge your own assumptions.
Have something tangible to show to investors, incubators, partners and others. Nowadays, a written business plan isn't enough. People want see something physical that they can touch and feel - something that gives them an insight into how the finished product will look and work for your users.

What the Prototype Builders will do for you:

  • Help in refining your idea and defining it clearly for the design phase
  • Expert UI design that incorporates behavioral psychology to ensure your product has the best chance to attract and retain users and customers.
  • UI designs (and Photoshop files) that will represent the main screens and features of your product
  • A clickable prototype that incorporates the UI designs and allows you to click and experience the main screens and features
  • Guidance and direction on the development process and appropriate development partners


  • 6 Page Clickable Prototype $6,000
  • 10 Page Clickable Prototype $7,500
  • 10+ Page - call for pricing

Eamonn Carey

Eamonn Carey is a consultant and entrepreneur who works with startups and established businesses across Europe, the MENA region and Asia. His earliest brush with technology came in the early 80s, when he started writing simple games for the Sinclair Spectrum 48k. These games were named after girls he liked - a strategy which was spectacularly unsuccessful. 

A stint in journalism followed, after which he started his first company - Random Thoughts Media - who worked on digital and mobile content and strategies for brands like O2, 3, Adidas, Guinness, RTE and many others. He has continued to consult and work with major brands on digital strategies - including Best Buy, Johnnie Walker and many others. 

In 2010, he helped create Farmvillain, an app which was described as being the 'South Park of Facebook'. It reached almost a million monthly active users in a little under a month and was subsequently acquired by Gamestop. Since then he has worked on everything from Kabul's first mobile travel guide to establishing Kiip's business operations in Europe and Asia. He acts as an advisor to Kiip and several other startups, is a mentor at TechStars London and works on digital strategies for clients of MHP - a communications company in London. 

Brendan Kane

In partnership with MTV, Brendan conceptualized and built an advertising technology that monetized consumer to consumer interaction within social networks. This technology was utilized for successful campaigns with MGM, Lionsgate, Sony, Yahoo, MTV, and Rockband. 

In 2008 Brendan founded Site Canvas, a digital startup focused on building applications and platforms to help build and grow digital businesses for celebrity clients Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Xzibit, Charles Barkley, NFL star Michael Strahan, super model Adrianna Lima, and Holly Madison. Site Canvas also consulted for the NHL and NFL Players Association on how to bolster their digital offering to both players and fans. Quickly after founding the company, Brendan brokered several licensing deals with MTV and NBC/MTV joint venture Alli Sports for its innovative website building platform. Applications built at Site Canvas were accessed by more than 50 million people worldwide.

Brendan is also known for creating an innovative application that can automatically turn any Facebook profile into a website in less than 60 seconds. This application was used by both Taylor Swift and Rihanna and produced more than 30,000 websites. 

Brendan recently co-founded ww.AskAGuru.fm a platform that has aggregated the world's top self-helped authors and motivational speakers. The experts featured on this platform have a combined sales of 100 milion+ books worldwide.